torsdag 12. desember 2013

Feeling like a fairytale

With my new colored hair and ear piercings i feel like a walking fairytale! But i think that's awesome.
So earlier today i bleached my hair, and i thought that it would become like grey'ish or some thing. My earlyer hair color was purple like you can see from my earlier pictures, but yeah, i bleached it, but it did not turn grey.. Oh nonono! I became... Turquise! So when i looked in the mirror i first was like "oh my fucking god!!", but after a minute or two i saw the possibilities in my brand new haircolor, but i had to color the roots, and lucky me i had the same type of turquise/Voodoo blue color from manic panic.

Here you see my right ear, 16mm pink jewel plug bought at an local piercing & killer clothing store, My two tragus piercings (they was so much pain!! but definitly worth it ^w^) And my little horsiiiie piercing.

So as you can see i left the beautiful color do its pride on my head!
- Love it!

Good night

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