torsdag 19. desember 2013

So here we are

Hello humans in this world!
Sorry for not giving you some update the last six days! Cause I was so faboulus and forgot my charger for the computer at home(two houers with bus from my bedsit), and that was so amazing.. right?! But lately I have finally finiched buying christmas presents for my freiends and family. I also got five new piercings last tuesday! And that was so F****** much pain, if I had new it would hurt so much i would never pierced four of them!! So my new piercings are my septum, angelbites'ish and both my nipples!
I came in to the piercing studio, payd for all of the five piercings and then sat down to wait for my turn to come in and get some needles to penetrate my skin and leave a titan\plastic rod in through your own piece of flesh and blood, then screw an tiny metal ball on the tip of the rod, for so to leave it like that and sends with you an spray to keep it clean and rince 4-6 times a day. Well.. yeah.. I started with the nipples, the night before i pinched my nippels and thought to my self "Yeah, i don't think it can be any worse than this"... I was laying down in the chair and were watshing her put the kelp on my right nipple, she took the needle and.. OH HALELUJA!
I was in shock!! So painful, have I ever even that it would hurt this much i would never even dared let anyone with either an kelp og a needle come more that 20miles near me!! but i bite my theeth together and took a deep breath, now i already had pierced one then i had to finish my four other to! And not that they were any less painful.. Those two in my upper lip was not quiet that painfull but i would still not have taken them if i had understod that it would hut this much.. When i had just the septum left I was so close to just jump out of the chair and go home! But i think i had God with me on the last one, either that or my body just had given up on this painfulnes I exposed myself for. So as you may understand the septum did not hurt, the only thing was that it was a bit weird feeling, it did hurt a bit but not if we take it to the nipple/lip scale!

Other that that i have been sleeping over at Mariannes house, and that was so cozy <3 So sad that she is going away for this christmas, she is going to celebrate the holydays with her father and their family up in the northern part of Norway. I hope she gets the best christmas ever! And I am going to miss her so much <3 Hopefully we will meet again before new years eve. c:

So now i will bake some brownies and then head over to my bed for some sleeping!


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