lørdag 14. desember 2013

So tomorrow it happens

Yeah people! I'm finally moving out again, after my last appartment not liked to be blown at when the storm before yesterdays storm, "Hilde", cried all over middel trondelag and ruined it. So i've been living home with my family for two weeks now.. And i really remember why I moved the first time! So it will be absolute fabulous to move out, this time to an bedsit,  which means i'm sharing the kitchen and bathroom with an other person(a girl, have not met her, but the owner of the bedsit said she was nice, but really shy! So i'll give her some time to get used to me with out scaring her away!), so my room is only like 1/8 of the appartment i had before, so tonight i'm sorting out what i need and don't need when i'm moving.

I'm so sorry it havent been any fashion posts out here yet, but it will come!

But now, back to packing, see ya ^w^


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  1. haha hei, ikke bli redd for alt rotet når du flytte inn!