lørdag 28. desember 2013


Well... yeah! Ehehehhh, I went shopping, and it was so awesome because.. So much sale!! Everywhere!! And little me, who can't handle mony that good bought THE WHOLE WORLD!! ehem, no, but I did use to much money, as always when I am out shopping. I bought 7-8 dresses I think.. *brb* Yes, 8 dresses, they got so much lovely clothes at Indiska, and an BIG sale on dresses.

torsdag 26. desember 2013

Oh my!

Hey cuties!

What is the greatest you have done this year? Do you have alot of great memories from this year? Cause.. You know.. 2014 is right around the corner! So you better got some enumeration to do in your mind. All those memories are important and so good to take with you.. to the rest of your life! Good to know, right.


tirsdag 24. desember 2013

mandag 23. desember 2013

torsdag 19. desember 2013

So here we are

Hello humans in this world!
Sorry for not giving you some update the last six days! Cause I was so faboulus and forgot my charger for the computer at home(two houers with bus from my bedsit), and that was so amazing.. right?! But lately I have finally finiched buying christmas presents for my freiends and family. I also got five new piercings last tuesday! And that was so F****** much pain, if I had new it would hurt so much i would never pierced four of them!! So my new piercings are my septum, angelbites'ish and both my nipples!
I came in to the piercing studio, payd for all of the five piercings and then sat down to wait for my turn to come in and get some needles to penetrate my skin and leave a titan\plastic rod in through your own piece of flesh and blood, then screw an tiny metal ball on the tip of the rod, for so to leave it like that and sends with you an spray to keep it clean and rince 4-6 times a day. Well.. yeah.. I started with the nipples, the night before i pinched my nippels and thought to my self "Yeah, i don't think it can be any worse than this"... I was laying down in the chair and were watshing her put the kelp on my right nipple, she took the needle and.. OH HALELUJA!
I was in shock!! So painful, have I ever even that it would hurt this much i would never even dared let anyone with either an kelp og a needle come more that 20miles near me!! but i bite my theeth together and took a deep breath, now i already had pierced one then i had to finish my four other to! And not that they were any less painful.. Those two in my upper lip was not quiet that painfull but i would still not have taken them if i had understod that it would hut this much.. When i had just the septum left I was so close to just jump out of the chair and go home! But i think i had God with me on the last one, either that or my body just had given up on this painfulnes I exposed myself for. So as you may understand the septum did not hurt, the only thing was that it was a bit weird feeling, it did hurt a bit but not if we take it to the nipple/lip scale!

Other that that i have been sleeping over at Mariannes house, and that was so cozy <3 So sad that she is going away for this christmas, she is going to celebrate the holydays with her father and their family up in the northern part of Norway. I hope she gets the best christmas ever! And I am going to miss her so much <3 Hopefully we will meet again before new years eve. c:

So now i will bake some brownies and then head over to my bed for some sleeping!


lørdag 14. desember 2013

So tomorrow it happens

Yeah people! I'm finally moving out again, after my last appartment not liked to be blown at when the storm before yesterdays storm, "Hilde", cried all over middel trondelag and ruined it. So i've been living home with my family for two weeks now.. And i really remember why I moved the first time! So it will be absolute fabulous to move out, this time to an bedsit,  which means i'm sharing the kitchen and bathroom with an other person(a girl, have not met her, but the owner of the bedsit said she was nice, but really shy! So i'll give her some time to get used to me with out scaring her away!), so my room is only like 1/8 of the appartment i had before, so tonight i'm sorting out what i need and don't need when i'm moving.

I'm so sorry it havent been any fashion posts out here yet, but it will come!

But now, back to packing, see ya ^w^


fredag 13. desember 2013

Friday the 13th

Oh thank God not every friday the 13th ends like in the movies! So for me it have been an home day, thanks to my body who never wants to sleep.. Exhausting!
And you know what?! It's elleven days until christmas eve, and whether I don't car so much about it anymore, I still cant wait for the vacation, and everything, so much to look forward to.

(My mum made candles with her friend, and they turned out pretty well :) Yey for christmas)

Short post, cause I want to sleep c':


torsdag 12. desember 2013

Feeling like a fairytale

With my new colored hair and ear piercings i feel like a walking fairytale! But i think that's awesome.
So earlier today i bleached my hair, and i thought that it would become like grey'ish or some thing. My earlyer hair color was purple like you can see from my earlier pictures, but yeah, i bleached it, but it did not turn grey.. Oh nonono! I became... Turquise! So when i looked in the mirror i first was like "oh my fucking god!!", but after a minute or two i saw the possibilities in my brand new haircolor, but i had to color the roots, and lucky me i had the same type of turquise/Voodoo blue color from manic panic.

Here you see my right ear, 16mm pink jewel plug bought at an local piercing & killer clothing store, My two tragus piercings (they was so much pain!! but definitly worth it ^w^) And my little horsiiiie piercing.

So as you can see i left the beautiful color do its pride on my head!
- Love it!

Good night

mandag 2. desember 2013

Me, Myself and I

Since i almost just started this blog i tought it would be wonderful if i made a post about myself, so you gets to know the owner of this blog better.. So much fun!!

So, I am an girl(wihuu) who are born and raised in the littel guitar shaped country; Norway! I just turned 18, and are born the seventh of november in nineteen ninety five, and my name is Beathe. I've always been the kind little girl who never complained, smiled even if my head was killing me (relax, I am going to an psychologist, so right now i'm fine). But i got tired of being invisible, and that people expected me to be silent and smiling, and always agree with who ever they were! But don't misunderstand, I am still smiling, happy and shit, but now I do speak up for my self and others if it's some thing I burn for and if things are dedicated to something/someone I care about. So the visable steps from growing up to be an independent youngster i guess was my piercing, i got in all seven piercing(five in my ears, a nose piercing and an web piercing(under the toung)), and I'm planing to get more because i thing it's beautiful! Then about three weeks ago i colored my hair in an purple/lillac color and it was so amazing. But now the color have been washed out alot, so now my hair is more like metallic-light blue and gray'ish purple, still awesome ^^


I curently just went back to school, and are now studying the second year, the theme of this school year is "Design and textile" and out fro m that we can become designers.. And stuff :')

I have many good friends, but only one I  see on an daily basis, she is my ex girlfriend and my bestfriend! I love her so much, and nothing can ever change that. No matter how much we argue or fight, she will always be with me in my heart <3
(This is us at a halloween party this year, me with my natural hair color and her with black scala lences)

Applause for you if you read all this! And dont be afraid to ask me about anything. I guess i forgot alot of stuff to write about but I had to hurry ^^


søndag 1. desember 2013

New In

Just bought myself a pair of new shoes! And i love them.

What do you think about these?