tirsdag 7. januar 2014

Lets start a new lifestyle.. I guess.. I hope

Soo... yeah, hi there! It's january and almost every human being who lives in an "rich" country where it is posters all around you who are saying "Be fit-the easy way", "Only this one tiny thing will make you just as skinny as you want to be!!!", "This is the magical pill.. It will give you the perfect body", are starting january with healthy food, a new lifestyle and an workout schedule who does not give you time to breath! I was one of them once.. But I have given up on new years resolutions! Sad but true, I do it because I know myself that well, and know that it will last for maybe only a week or two before I jump back to old rutines. Sad.

I did have a period where i was training as hell and lost 48.4 lbs (22kg), it was the summer between first and second highschool year! But it wasn't all that good, I was close to get bulimia and I did nothing else that to train and eat-throw up. Glad that is over, but I also miss how my body was much fitter than it's now.

*i will add more*

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